Packaging Made Flexible

Replace Bulky Buckets with FlexMax


Made Flexible

Midlab has the answer in the bag

Replace clumsy buckets with FlexMax™ Packaging – empties completely and collapses to nothing.

Reduces Waste

You’re wasting gallons of product if it’s stored in buckets. FlexMax Packaging empties completely so you never waste any product due to poor packaging design!

Easily Stored & Discarded

FlexMax Packaging uses up to 38% less storage space. Products are packed 2 bags per box for easy storage and handling. And since the boxes and bags are collapsible, everything is easily discarded.

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

FlexMax Packaging reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 30% and post-consumer solid waste by 65% as compared to conventional buckets.

Durable & Portable

Sturdy, stable construction, ergonomic design, and built-in handles make FlexMax Packaging durable, easy to use, and portable.

The Advantages of being Flexible!

See if your MAXIM Floor Strippers and Floor Finishes are available in FlexMax Packaging!

Which stack would you rather deal with?

36 Empty Buckets vs 72 Empty FlexMax Containers

FlexMax Packaging replaces bulky, clumsy buckets with a container that empties completely and collapses to nothing, yet is still durable and portable thanks to built-in handles. It’s time to kick those buckets to curbs!

Ready to replace those bulky buckets?

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